Editorial Projects

nuestrAmérica Journals Ecosystem


Transformation of the publication of NuestrAmérica Journal, ISSN 0719-3092, into a group of journals edited by a shared team entrusted with curating specific content for each journal in the ecosystem. Each journal in the ecosystem has different purposes, selection criteria, and acceptance criteria, and will also publish different document types. They form an ecosystem because their themes are shared, and their publications complement each other, allowing for a diverse group of publications every semester, as was traditional in academic journals.


Each journal in the ecosystem will be treated as an independent journal, except for those explicitly mentioned as a supplement. The peer review system and indexations will be independent for each journal. This project includes journals that will initially publish translations of articles from NuestrAmérica Journal, ISSN 0719-3092. The intention is to transition to a multilingualism that does not hinder the publication of the mentioned journal. Therefore, journals will be created that specifically cater to some widely used languages on different continents. To avoid any suspicion of editorial misconduct or questionable ethics, all content generated from a translation in these new journals will have a footnote indicating that it is a translation, and the section will be called "Translations" — written in the language of the journal. The NuestrAmérica Journals Ecosystem project aims for these journals created for translations to sustain their own original content so that, in the future, translations are only a minimal part of their edition.


The project will be published in: https://revistanuestramerica.cl






This project aims to consolidate the shared space among journals from different publishers that adhere to critical and decolonizing thinking. To demonstrate this, the first Deycrit-Sur agreement on common minimum editorial policies of 2018 must be subscribed. The purposes are: 1) maintain a catalog of journals that have subscribed to the agreement, 2) create a community on Zenodo with articles and other publications from subscribing journals, and 3) generate reports that act as an observatory of editorial policies tending towards decolonization.


Deycrit-Sur is a project that was born as part of the activities of NuestrAmérica Journal and later defined its purposes in coordination with other journals and publishers, such as FAIA Journal and ARKHO Editorial from Argentina. The project has the support of a dozen journals.


The project will be published in: https://deycritsur.nuestramerica.cl/directorio/index.php/deycritsur




Latin American Academy of Humanities


The "Latin American Academy of Humanities" was a voluntary association of academics and university students founded by Ismael Cáceres-Correa in 2008. Its work involved the editing of journals and monographs. This initial period was definitively concluded in 2014 with the publication of the tenth issue of the Journal of Humanities (Popular).


The current project aims to give a second era to the journals published under the name of this label — Latin American Academy of Humanities. There is also consideration for the possibility of creating new journals and monographs using this label. Co-edited journals are not included in this project.


To carry out the project, a dedicated OJS platform will be launched from 2024 for these journals.


The project will be published in: http://academialatinoamericana.cl/ojs/