Our Journals and Others

Within the NuestrAmérica Journals Ecosystem

NuestrAmérica Journal, ISSN 0719-3092 (active since 2013)

NuestrAmérica Journal of Social Research, ISSN 2735-7139 (project initiated in 2021).

NuestrAmérica Advances in Social Sciences (project initiated in 2022).

Special Editions of NuestrAmérica Journal (project initiated in 2014).

NuestrAmérica Blog, ISSN 2452-4905 (project initiated in 2018).


Contemplated for Creation in the NuestrAmérica Journals Ecosystem

NuestrAmérica Revue de Recherche Sociale.

NuestrAmérica Zeitschrift für Sozialforschung und Geisteswissenschaften.

NuestrAmérica Philosophical Interlocutions.


From the former "Latin American Academy of Humanities" or "Free and Popular Latin American Academy of Humanities"

Popular Humanities, ISSN 0719-9465 (discontinued).

Journal of Humanities, ISSN 0719-0999 (discontinued).

Peripheral Memories, ISSN 0719-1367 (discontinued).

Uturunku Achachi, ISSN 0719-1294 (discontinued).


Initially Edited in Collaboration

Cuadernos de Descolonización y Liberación, ISSN 2452-4522 (discontinued – collaboration with the Philosophy and Liberation Association "AFyL" of Enrique Dussel, Mexico).

Possibility, Critique, and Reflection, ISSN 0719-1359 (discontinued - collaboration with the Philosophical Observatory of Morelos "OFMOR", Mexico).



Directory of Decolonial and Critical Journals from Our South, ISSN 0719-9473.


Journals Checker

ToC Checker service used in collaboration with the journal Utopía y Praxis Latinoamericana, ISSN 2477-9555, as a verifier to demonstrate the authenticity of published articles. It was built at a time when the journal faced multiple security attacks, including two predatory journals pretending to be the original. This service is used exclusively with that journal.